Share My Taxi

Developed at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), 2007





ShareMyTaxi uses SMS to coordinate real-time cab sharing. It is a simple, practical solution to the cost of taxi transportation in urban areas. A next step will be to simultaneously communicate the need for a ride share to the cab company.

Personal Statement

My favorite part of living in NYC is that I do not need a car. I love public transportation. Occasionally I will need to expedite my transportation and take a taxi, which is energy inefficient and expensive. I wanted to develop a simple method for people to coordinate real-time cab sharing and cut the cost.

User Scenario

Its 8:15am and I'm running late for work. I'm at 14th/1st on a February morning that is too cold to wait for the bus anyway - I need to catch a cab. I take out my phone, SMS ShareMyTaxi with my current cross-street and where I need to go and I immediately get an SMS back with a phone number of another person nearby that needs to make a similar trip. I call the number. It was a woman standing on the North corner who just hailed a cab. I dash across the street and end up sharing the cab with two people who work in my building and it only cost me $4! Today is a beautiful day.


People who want to have the convenience of a catching a cab without the high cost.


Here are a few mobile precedents using SMS: dodgeball, socialite, yellowarrow, placestodo, smart sneaker, Google SMS, HopStop

A few other mobile, locative apps: loopt, mologogo, GPShopper

Ride-sharing precedents:,, rightrides, pooln




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